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Domestic Violence has touched many lives. So many women and men walk around daily with a smile, a mask that covers them. When behind the scenes they are being verbally, mentally, and physically abused by the ones they love. We want to be the haven of peace that allows them an outlet. As we grow we hope to obtain a facility that will wind up being the safe haven for these individuals. Until that time we will continue to assist with referrals, clothing, food, and supplies. Our mission is to assist all that are in need. 


The Future

(2019 and Beyond) 

In 2019 Ricky's Hope Incorporated will start financial workshops that will help individuals learn how to balance and invest their money in a wise way.

We will be partnering with financial institutions such as Wells Fargo and SECU (State Employee's Credit Union) to teach each person how to balance their finances and investing into their future. These workshops will begin at 15.00 per person and depending on the depth of the program go up to 25.00.

Domestic Violence survivors and individuals that are referred to us will not have to pay the fee. 




The Return To Life Program

We will begin to sponsor 12 individuals as we send them back to school to obtain their GED's. Our Goal is to assist in changing the lives of each person and showing them that this is a new beginning in their story.

The Growth Abound Program

As we are in talks of partnership. We will begin assisting those in need with obtaining their own transportation and possibly a new home. 

 As many know already, Ricky's Hope Incorporated has a deep focus on the community. From feeding the homeless to assisting domestic violence survivors with necessary items. we are here to help those that need us. This is still the main plight of our organization.  This will not change as we leap forward into our next journey.

Mental health counseling

Navigation of legal and medical systems



Everyone needs an open door, someone that will listen. We here at Ricky's Hope Incorporated are working on a new program of weekly counseling. Please stay tuned 

We are putting together a list of facilities that will assist those in need. The facilities ill assist with medical and legal issues. 

Our future goals are to tap into the youth that wants to make a difference in the community. We will soon implement our Teen Domestic Violence line of resistance program.

This will be focused on teaching the tell tell signs of a person that may have dv tendencies and how to remove yourself from the situation safely. We will have speakers that have escaped dv situations safely and they will speak on their experiences and their lives now.

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