Who Are We?

Ricky's Hope Incorporated is an organization that is focused on assisting individuals in the Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC areas. Our mission is to uplift, enrich and restore lives by offering sanctuary, education, and counsel that will not only address homelessness created by domestic violence but also eliminate and prevent its presence in the community in which we all live. By offering adequate training in financial literacy and psychological counsel it is our goal to reduce the rate of recidivism among those who are affected. All that is needed to heal is a chance to refresh and restart the lives of those battling this epidemic by creating a structured loving environment for each person to flourish


Why Did We Take This Path?

In the early ’90s our owner found herself in a relationship that became violent, she also experienced homelessness. This caused her to feel alone and inadequate. Remembering these moments have made her focus on helping others while showing them that they can leave and still strive for better in their life.


What Have We Done?

2015- First Blankets for The Homeless event. This allowed us to hand out 45 blankets, 44 Supply Bags, and 42 Snack Bags to the homeless individuals in the city of Raleigh, NC.

2016- (Raleigh, NC) First annual Dinner of Dignity for the Homeless. Partnerships formed with Bombas socks, 4Imprint, and Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ that spanned yearly in-kind donations to RHI. Second Blankets for the Homeless event was completed. 217 people were assisted this particular year.

2017- (Raleigh, NC) First annual Love Fest for The People & Second Annual Dinner of Dignity for the Homeless and Blanket for the Homeless events took place. We fed individuals in general need of a good hot meal as well as free haircuts, clothing, and supplies. Approximately 381 individuals and families together were assisted.

2018- (Raleigh, NC) Second annual Love Fest for The People and Third Annual Dinner of Dignity for the Homeless and Blankets for the Homeless events, these events were our largest and wound up giving nourishment and needed supplies to a total of 492 individuals, as well as free haircuts, clothing, and supplies.

2019- Lisa “Nikki” Cox received her first Humanitarian Award from A Creamed Affair Organization
also, our Third Annual Love Fest for The People (Raleigh, NC) and Fourth Annual Dinner of Dignity for the Homeless and Blankets for the Homeless events and out two LoveFest Greensboro Events took place. An even better outcome this year a total of 572 people were assisted. Partnerships with The Barnabas Network, Habitat for Humanity of Greensboro formed for referrals of furniture

Please see a recent blog interview with our CEO Lisa "Nikki" Cox : 

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