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MustardSeeds 365 is the newest chapter of our organization located in Charlotte, NC.  Under the watchful eye and from the heart of our Executive Assistant Courtney Jenkins. This division is striving to make a change in the Charlotte area by giving a fresh face and a voice with authority to the problems that plaque the homeless in this city.

On January 19th 2019, Courtney hit the ground running by participating in The Urban Ministries "Operation Sandwich" which allowed MustardSeeds 365 to donate over 400 sandwiches to men and women who were in need of food. 

The next scheduled event is Servicing Women in Crisis. MustardSeeds 365 will assist in feeding 300 women for mothers day at a local crisis center for women that have been victims of domestic violence. If you are interested in volunteering or providing in-kind food donations please email Courtney at

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