Ricky's Hope Inc.

Smithfield's has also become a yearly supporter to our cause and we are thankful for the continued support 

We would like to thank and welcome our first national sponsor Bombas for their yearly donation to our organization

For more information on the company please visit them at:


If your company would like to become a sponsor to Ricky's Hope Incorporated, please email our owner at ceo@rickyshope.com or rickyshope@outlook.com or contact us directly at

(919) 351-8022 and leave a message.  You will receive a return call or email with 24 to 48 hours.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Longhorn has become a steady contributor to our yearly dinners for the homeless and we are grateful for the continued support 

We thank Peanut Butter & Company for the support during out previous events and look forward to a continued relationship with this company.

 To find out more about this company please visit: Http://www.ilovepeanutbutter.com