Ricky's Hope Community Of Grace and Change Ministry‚Äč

Over a course of four years Ricky's Hope was trying to find our grassroot source of support within the community. We spread ourselves across working with and feeding the homeless, food referrals, clothing donations and many other areas. 

Yet we felt that there was so much more that we could be doing. 

As a start up business and more than that a start up non profit we had to sit down as a organization and decide the true need that we wanted to fulfill. 

After meeting with our board and full and long discussion we have decided that the main focus of Ricky's Hope Incorporated is to assist individuals who are in the need to escape their current violent situation.

We have a goal of opening transitonal homes across North Carolina and in these homes we want to provide counseling, peace and a place in which anyone, woman or man, can escape.

It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, yes men deal with domestic violence.  Straight, gay, lesbian or bi-sexual we are here to minister healing and peace to you. 

There will be no judgement, there will be love.

As we strive for these things please pray our success in obtaining contracts with local companies for employment options as well as counselors that are ready to help our homes and the people in them. We know this will not be easy but we also know that this is a mission that was given to us by God and He would not give it if we weren't ready to take on the mission...

So as our Vice Present says after every meeting "Let's Go Be Great!!"