Let’s put an end to the Homeless Epidemic and Domestic Violence!

Ricky's Hope Inc.

On December 22, 2016.

Ricky's Hope Incorporated had our first Dinner of Dignity for The Homeless.  Our initial numbers were to serve 200 homeless individuals.  Although only 70 people came, each person that came we talked to, fed until they were stuffed and hugged on.  

It was an amazing time to spend with each individual and to earn their story.  It was also an awesome time of collective connection with each person that came out to help.  

I want to personally thank :

My fellow American Airlines Employees: Bea Mendoza, Janet Flager, Shawn Williams, Marie Yamilee Bonhomme- Dicks, Steve Mitchell, Leslie Parker, Dawn Anderson, Ramel Bowerman, Ashley Theis, Johnnyette Taylor. Hoping I didn't miss anyone.

My sisters and close friends from DMH Enterprises and Sisters Serving With Care:  Dennese M.Hopson, Alfontine Robinons, Alisa Drakeford and Bre Morgan- Benson

An excellent crew in Five & Corrine

and every young adult that came out with their parents, grandparents and mentors to help.

I also want to once again thank all of the businesses and restaurants that collaborated with me on this journey.

Longhorn Steakhouse (Briar Creek, NC), Texas Roadhouse (Cary, NC), An Annomous Restaurant (that blessed us tremendously), Toot N Tel (Garner, NC), Smithfield's Chicken & BBQ (Wake Forest, NC) 

I would also like to show appreciation to a few hotel locations that contributed soap, shampoo and other toiletry items for our supply bags:

Embassy Suites (Briar Creek, NC)

Marriott Courtyard (Cary, NC)

Hampton Inn (Briar Creek, NC)

We are grateful for all of your assistance and are blessed totally by your love for helping the community.  

Ricky's Hope Dinner of Dignity for The Homeless