The focus of Ricky's Hope Incorporated is to assist homeless individuals and domestic violence survivors, because we are a true start-up business we offer referrals to organizations such as InterAct of Wake County and local food banks and shelters. Our goal is to open our own homes that individuals will be able to transition to once they leave the programs of assistance they were a part of.
At this time we assist by handing out supply bags and snack bags to homeless individuals and to women's and men's shelters in the Raleigh area. These bags contain necessary hygiene items to assist each person that receives one. Nikki has also partnered with the Food Bank of North Carolina to be a food referral representative, this allows her to write referrals to those in need of food. On December 22nd 2016 the first Dinner of Dignity for the homeless was held and this is set to be a yearly event, on July 15th 2017 another dinner will be held, more information will be listed on our current & upcoming events page about these events. Our main goal is to make an impact, in whatever way possible, as long as we can show one person compassion and love we have changed one life.

Ricky's Hope Incorporated/ Saving Grace garnished our name from, Warren G. “Ricky” Cox. He was the brother of owner Lisa “Nikki” Cox and father to Vice President Warren G. Cox III. Ricky began a battle with drug addiction that he admitted to and fought for years. Sadly in 2003, Ricky was found murdered in his home. The name of this organization comes from a man of great strength and struggle. Nikki wanted him to be the forefront of the “why should we help those in need”, while bringing honor to the name and memory of a brother she loved dearly while also leaving a legacy to the grandchildren he never had a chance to see

Our Milestones:

​10/13/2015- Began handing out supply bags to the homeless
12/6/2015- First Blankets for The Homeless event held
1/21/2016- Ricky’s Hope became incorporated in the state of North Carolina
4/22/2016- Ricky’s Hope Incorporated became a Non-Profit Corporation
11/9/2016- Partnership formed with Bombas (
12/8/2016- Partnership formed with 4imprint
12/22/2016- Dinner of Dignity for The Homeless Event held
1/25/17-  Partnership with InterAct of Wake County formed
2/8/2017- Partnership with Panera Bread formed for donation program

Ricky's Hope Inc.

Let’s put an end to the Homeless Epidemic and Domestic Violence!